.org repository

amd64 - Oldoldstable/Wheezy

1.2mandvdVideo DVD creator
2.2mandvd-dataVideo DVD creator (data files)
3.aacgainLossless mp4 normalizer with statistical analysis
4.aacplusencHigh-Efficency AAC (AAC+) Encoder.
5.aacskeysDecrypt all required keys from an AACS protected HD-DVD/Blu-Ray
6.acroread-debian-filesDebian specific parts of Adobe Acrobat Reader
7.acroread-fonts-jpnJapanese fonts for Adobe acrobat reader
8.advancemenuFront-end to run the Advance*, MAME, MESS, etc emulators.
9.aftenaudio AC3 encoder
10.amrencAMR-NB (Narrow Band) Encoder
11.autopano-sift-cAutomatically create control points for panorama image
12.avidemuxFree video editor (GTK version).
13.avidemux-cliFree video editor (command line version).
14.avidemux-commonFree video editor (Internationalization files).
15.avidemux-pluginsFree video editor (plugins).
16.avidemux-qtFree video editor (QT version).
17.bdsup2subSubtitle conversion tool for image based formats.
18.bdvmdbgCross-platform BDVM debugger.
19.bombono-dvdDVD authoring program with nice and clean GUI
20.bombono-dvd-dataCommon data for bombono-dvd
21.ccextractorfast closed captions extractor for MPEG and H264 files.
22.cec-utilsUSB CEC Adaptor communication Library (utility programs)
23.chaplinDVD chapter extractor
24.cinelerraaudio/video authoring tool
25.cinelerra-cvaudio/video authoring tool (CV version).
26.cinelerra-cv-dataaudio/video authoring tool.
27.cinelerra-cv-docaudio/video authoring tool - Documentation
28.cinelerra-dataaudio/video authoring tool (data files)
29.cinelerra-docCinelerra Documentation
30.cutmp3Small and fast command line MP3 editor.
31.darkice-fullLive audio streamer
32.deadbeefUltimate music player for GNU/Linux systems.
33.deadbeef-dbgUltimate music player for GNU/Linux systems.
34.deadbeef-plugins-devUltimate music player for GNU/Linux systems.
35.deb-multimedia-keyringGnuPG archive key of the deb-multimedia repository
36.devedeProgram to create video DVDs
37.divxencshell script which makes it easy to encode DVDs to FMP4/DivX
38.dumphdHD-DVD/Blu-Ray decrypter
39.dv2subextracts the date and time from dv video and write a subtitle file
40.dvd-slideshowtools to create dvd slideshow with menus
41.dvd95DVD9 to DVD5 converter
42.dvdrip-docDocumentation for dvd::rip
43.dvdrip-queuequeue up dvd::rip projects
44.dvdwizardfully automated creation of a DVD-structure
45.easytag-aacviewing, editing and writing ID3 tags - package with mp4 support
46.faacAAC audio encoder.
47.ffmpegaudio/video encoder, streaming server & audio/video file converter.
48.ffmpeg-dbgDebug symbols for FFmpeg related packages.
49.ffmpeg-docDocumentation of the FFmpeg API.
50.foobnixSimple and powerful music player for Linux.
51.forked-daapdMedia server with support for RSP, DAAP, DACP and AirTunes.
52.gpacmultimedia framework based on the MPEG-4 Systems standard.
53.gpac-modules-baseGPAC Project on Advanced Content - modules.
54.gstreamer0.10-ffmpegFFmpeg plugin for GStreamer
55.gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg-dbgFFmpeg plugin for GStreamer (debug symbols)
56.gstreamer0.10-plugins-really-badGStreamer plugins from the "bad" set
57.gtk2-ex-formfactory-perlMakes building complex GUI's easy
58.h264encscript to encode video or DVD in H.264/AVC/MPEG-4 Part 10
59.handbrakeVersatile DVD ripper and video transcoder.
60.handbrake-cliVersatile DVD ripper and video transcoder (command line).
61.handbrake-gtkVersatile DVD ripper and video transcoder (GTK GUI).
62.icecast2Ogg Vorbis and MP3 streaming media server.
63.ices2Ogg Vorbis streaming source for Icecast 2
64.jampalmp3 song library management system and player
65.kdenlivenon-linear video editor
66.kdenlive-datanon-linear video editor (data files)
67.kino-brightness-contrast-pluginbrightness and contrast Kino plugin
68.kino-hsv-color-space-pluginHSV Color Space Kino plugin
69.lameOpen source MP3 encoder.
70.lame-docLAME Ain't an MP3 Encoder (documentation)
71.libaacplus-devAAC+ encoding library - development files
72.libaacplus-ocamlOCaml interface to the aacplus library -- runtime files
73.libaacplus-ocaml-devOCaml interface to the aacplus library -- developpement files
74.libaacplus-ocaml-dynlinkOCaml interface to the aacplus library -- runtime files
75.libaacplus2AAC+ encoding library - runtime files
76.libaften-devaudio AC3 encoder - development files
77.libaften0audio AC3 encoder - runtime files
78.libav-toolsMultimedia player, server, encoder and transcoder
79.libavcodec-devLibrary to encode decode multimedia streams - devel files.
80.libavcodec54Library to encode decode multimedia streams - runtime files.
81.libavdevice-devDevelopment files for libavdevice.
82.libavdevice52ffmpeg device handling library.
83.libavdevice54FFmpeg device handling library.
84.libavfilter-devDevelopment files for libavfilter.
85.libavfilter1Graphics library.
86.libavfilter3FFmpeg filter library.
87.libavformat-devDevelopment files for libavformat.
88.libavformat54FFmpeg file format library.
89.libavutil-devFFmpeg avutil devel files - devel files.
90.libavutil50Avutil shared libraries - runtime files.
91.libavutil51FFmpeg avutil library - runtime files
92.libcec-daemonSimple daemon to connect libcec to uinput.
93.libcec-devUSB CEC Adaptor communication Library (development files)
94.libcec1USB CEC Adaptor communication Library (shared library)
95.libcec1-devUSB CEC Adaptor communication Library (development files)
96.libcec2USB CEC Adaptor communication Library (shared library)
97.libdataquay-devDevelopment files for libdataquay0.
98.libdataquay0Simple RDF for C++ and Qt applications.
99.libdca-devdecoding library for DTS Coherent Acoustics streams (development)
100.libdca-utilsdecoding library for DTS Coherent Acoustics streams (utilities)
101.libdca0decoding library for DTS Coherent Acoustics streams
102.libdts-devbackward compatibility place-holder for libdca
103.libdvbcsa-devFree implementation of the DVB Common Scrambling Algorithm.
104.libdvbcsa1Free implementation of the DVB Common Scrambling Algorithm.
105.libdvdcss-devSimple foundation for reading DVDs - devel files
106.libdvdcss2Simple foundation for reading DVDs - runtime libraries
107.libevent-execflow-perlHigh level API for event-based execution flow control
108.libfaac-devAAC audio encoder - devel files.
109.libfaac0AAC audio encoder - library files.
110.libfame-0.9-1Video encoding library - runtime files.
111.libfame-devVideo encoding library - devel files.
112.libfdk-aac-devDevelopment files for libfdk-aac0.
113.libfdk-aac0Fraunhofer FDK AAC codec library.
114.libgpac-devmultimedia framework based on the MPEG-4 Systems standard.
115.libgpac2multimedia framework based on the MPEG-4 Systems standard.
116.liblavfile-2.0-0MJPEG capture/editing/replay and MPEG encoding toolset (library)
117.liblavjpeg-2.0-0MJPEG capture/editing/replay and MPEG encoding toolset (library)
118.liblavplay-2.0-0MJPEG capture/editing/replay and MPEG encoding toolset (library)
119.liblivemedia-devmultimedia RTSP streaming library
120.libmac-devmonkey's audio lossless audio codec - devel
121.libmac2monkey's audio lossless audio codec - library
122.libmjpegtools-devMJPEG video capture/editting/playback MPEG encoding
123.libmjpegutils-2.0-0MJPEG capture/editing/replay and MPEG encoding toolset (library)
124.libmkv-devAlternitave to the official libmatroska/libebml libraries.
125.libmkv0Alternitave to the official libmatroska/libebml libraries.
126.libmlt++-devMLT multimedia framework C++ wrapper (development)
127.libmlt++3MLT multimedia framework C++ wrapper (runtime)
128.libmlt-datamultimedia framework (data)
129.libmlt-devmultimedia framework (development)
130.libmlt-perlMultimedia framework (Perl bindings).
131.libmlt-rubyMultimedia framework (Ruby bindings).
132.libmlt-ruby1.9.1Multimedia framework (Ruby 1.9.1 bindings).
133.libmlt5multimedia framework (runtime)
134.libmp3lame-devDevelopment files for LAME.
135.libmp3lame0Shared libraries for MP3 encoding.
136.libmp4v2-2MP4 container library - runtime files
137.libmp4v2-devMP4 container library - development files
138.libmpeg2encpp-2.0-0MJPEG capture/editing/replay and MPEG encoding toolset (library)
139.libmpeg3hv-1.5.0-1Advanced editing and manipulation of MPEG streams (cinelerra's internal)
140.libmpeg3hv-devAdvanced editing and manipulation of MPEG streams (development files)
141.libmplex2-2.0-0MJPEG capture/editing/replay and MPEG encoding toolset (library)
142.libmyth-0.26-0Common library code for MythTV and add-on modules (runtime).
143.libmyth-devCommon library code for MythTV and add-on modules (development).
144.libmythavcodec54libavcodec package for MythTV.
145.libmythavdevice54libavdevice package for MythTV.
146.libmythavfilter2libavfilter package for MythTV.
147.libmythavformat54libavformat package for MythTV.
148.libmythavutil51libavutil package for MythTV.
149.libmythpostproc52libpostproc package for MythTV.
150.libmythqjson0swresample package for MythTV.
151.libmythswresample0swresample package for MythTV.
152.libmythswscale2libswscale package for MythTV.
153.libmythtv-perlPersonal video recorder application (common data).
154.libogmrip-devApplication for ripping and encoding DVD - development files
155.libogmrip1Application for ripping and encoding DVD - libraries files
156.libpostproc-devpostproc devel files
157.libpostproc52postproc shared libraries.
158.libquicktimehv-1.6.0-1Quicktime 4 Linux (Cinelerra internal library)
159.libquicktimehv-devQuicktime 4 Linux (Cinelerra internal) library (development files)
160.libswresample-devDevelopment files for libswresample.
161.libswresample0FFmpeg audio rescaling library.
162.libswscale-devDevelopment files for libswscale.
163.libswscale0ffmpeg video scaling library.
164.libswscale2FFmpeg video scaling library.
165.libtag1-devaudio meta-data library - development files
166.libtag1-docaudio meta-data library - API documentation
167.libtag1-rusxmmsaudio meta-data library - RusXMMS flavour
168.libtag1-vanillaaudio meta-data library - vanilla flavour
169.libtag1c2aaudio meta-data library
170.libtagc0audio meta-data library - C bindings
171.libtagc0-devaudio meta-data library - development files for C bindings
172.libtxc-dxtn-devDevelopment files for S3 Texture Compression (S3TC) library
173.libtxc-dxtn0S3 Texture Compression (S3TC) library
174.libvamp-hostsdk3helper library for Vamp hosts written in C++
175.libvamp-sdk2helper library for Vamp plugins written in C++
176.libvlc-devdevelopment files for libvlc
177.libvlc5multimedia player and streamer library
178.libvlccore-devdevelopment files for libvlccore
179.libvlccore5base library for VLC and its modules
180.libx264-132x264 video coding library
181.libx264-devdevelopment files for libx264
182.libxine-devXine video player library, development packages
183.libxine1Xine video/media player library, meta-package
184.libxine1-all-pluginsXine video/media player library, meta package
185.libxine1-binXine video/media player library, binary files
186.libxine1-consolelibaa/libcaca/framebuffer/directfb related plugins for libxine1
187.libxine1-dbgdebug symbols for libxine1
188.libxine1-docXine video player library, documentation files
189.libxine1-ffmpegMPEG-related plugins for libxine1
190.libxine1-gnomeGNOME-related plugins for libxine1
191.libxine1-misc-pluginsInput, audio output and post plugins for libxine1
192.libxine1-pluginsXine video/media player library, meta package
193.libxine1-xX desktop video output plugins for libxine1
194.libxine2Xine media player library, meta-package (development branch).
195.libxine2-all-pluginsXine video/media player library, meta package.
196.libxine2-binXine video/media player library, binary files.
197.libxine2-consolelibaa/libcaca/framebuffer/directfb related plugins for libxine2.
198.libxine2-dbgdebug symbols for libxine2.
199.libxine2-devXine video player library, development packages.
200.libxine2-docXine video player library, documentation files.
201.libxine2-ffmpegMPEG-related plugins for libxine2.
202.libxine2-gnomeGNOME-related plugins for libxine2.
203.libxine2-misc-pluginsInput, audio output and post plugins for libxine2.
204.libxine2-pluginsXine video/media player library, meta package.
205.libxine2-vdrVDR-related plugins for libxine2.
206.libxine2-xX desktop video output plugins for libxine2.
207.libxine2-xvdrXine input plugin for vdr-plugin-xineliboutput streams
208.libxineliboutput-fbfeLocal framebuffer frontend for the xineliboutput plugin
209.libxineliboutput-sxfeLocal X-Server frontend for the xineliboutput plugin
210.libxvidcore-devHigh quality ISO MPEG4 codec library -- development files
211.libxvidcore4High quality ISO MPEG4 codec library
212.livemedia-utilsmultimedia RTSP streaming tools
213.lxdvdripCommand line tool to make a copy from a video DVD for private use.
214.lxsplitHJSplit for Linux
215.m4bakerTool for creating ipod-compatible, full-featured m4b-audiobooks.
216.meltcommand line media player and video editor
217.mencoderMPlayer's Movie Encoder.
218.mjpegtoolsMJPEG video capture/editting/playback MPEG encoding
219.mjpegtools-gtkMJPEG capture/editing/replay and MPEG encoding toolset (GTK+ frontend)
220.monkeys-audiomonkey's audio lossless audio codec - binary
221.mp4joinerJoin multiple MP4 files.
222.mp4toolsSuite of scripts to encode Audio and Video in many formats
223.mp4v2-utilsend-to-end system to explore streaming multimedia
224.mpglenscan through a MPEG file and count the number of GOPs and frames
225.mplayerUltimate Movie Player For Linux.
226.mplayer-docDocumentation for mplayer.
227.mplayer-noguiUltimate Movie Player For Linux.
228.mplayer2Advanced general-purpose video player.
229.msdldownloader for mms://, rtsp:// etc.
230.mytharchiveCreate and burn DVD's from MythTV - binary file
231.mytharchive-dataCreate and burn DVD's from MythTV - data files
232.mythbrowserSmall web browser module for MythTV
233.mythffmpegSpecial ffmpeg version for nuvexport.
234.mythgalleryImage gallery/slideshow add-on module for MythTV
235.mythgameEmulator & PC Game frontend module for MythTV
236.mythlogserverMythTV log messages server.
237.mythmusicMusic add-on module for MythTV
238.mythnetvisionPlugin for watching internet content
239.mythnetvision-dataPlugin for watching internet content
240.mythnewsRSS feed news reader module for MythTV
241.mythpluginsWrapper package for MythTV plugins
242.mythtvPersonal video recorder application (client and server).
243.mythtv-backendPersonal video recorder application (server).
244.mythtv-commonPersonal video recorder application (common data).
245.mythtv-databasePersonal video recorder application (database).
246.mythtv-docPersonal video recorder application (documentation).
247.mythtv-frontendPersonal video recorder application (client).
248.mythtv-perlDummy package to install libmythtv-perl
249.mythtv-transcodeUtilities used for transcoding MythTV tasks
250.mythweatherWeather add-on module for MythTV
251.mythwebWeb frontend to control MythTV through a web browser.
252.mythzoneminderSystem for monitoring cctv cameras
253.ogmripApplication for ripping and encoding DVD
254.ogmrip-ac3AC3 support for ogmrip
255.ogmrip-diracdirac support for OGMRip
256.ogmrip-docApplication for ripping and encoding DVD - Documentation files
257.ogmrip-flacFLAC support for ogmrip.
258.ogmrip-mpegMpeg-1 and Mpeg-2 support for ogmrip
259.ogmrip-oggzOGG container support for OGMRip
260.ogmrip-profilescollection of profiles for OGMRip.
261.ogmrip-video-copyogmrip plugin to extract DVD track
262.ogmrip-webmWebM/VP8 support for ogmrip.
263.openshotCreate and edit videos and movies.
264.openshot-docHelp manual for OpenShot Video Editor
265.pgmfindclipautomatically find a clipping border for a sequence of pgm images
266.php-mythtvPHP Bindings for MythTV
267.plugControl Fender Mustang amplifiers.
268.project-xDVB demuxing tool
269.python-mlt5multimedia framework (python bindings)
270.python-mythtvPersonal video recorder application (common data).
271.ripmakeAutomatic command line ripping makefile generator for transcode.
272.rubyripperDigital audio extraction algorithm.
273.shortenfast, low complexity waveform coder.
274.smillaenlargergraphical tool to resize bitmaps in high quality
275.smplayer2Front-end for Mplayer2.
276.smplayer2-commonFront-end for Mplayer2 (common data files).
277.sonic-visualiserView and analyse the contents of music audio files.
278.submux-dvdsubtitle multiplexer, muxes subtitles into .vob
279.subtitleripperDVD Subtitle Ripper for Linux
280.tablet-encodeGUI video converter for Nokia Internet Tablets
281.tagbkupback up and restore mp3 tags
282.telxccTeletext closed captioning decoder.
283.timeshiftBash script for doing timeshift TV.
284.transcodeUtility to encode raw video/audio streams
285.transcode-docDocumentation for transcode
286.transcode-utilsUtility to encode raw video/audio streams
287.ttaencTTA free lossless audio compressor
288.vamp-examplesexample Vamp plugins and host
289.vamp-plugin-sdkaudio analysis and feature extraction plugins (SDK)
290.vamp-plugin-sdk-docaudio analysis and feature extraction plugins (API documentation)
291.vdr-plugin-xineliboutputVDR plugin for Xine based sofdevice frontends
292.videotransDVD authoring utilities
293.vlcmultimedia player and streamer
294.vlc-dataCommon data for VLC
295.vlc-dbgdebugging symbols for vlc
296.vlc-noxmultimedia player and streamer (without X support)
297.vlc-plugin-fluidsynthFluidSynth plugin for VLC
298.vlc-plugin-jackJack audio plugins for VLC
299.vlc-plugin-notifyLibNotify plugin for VLC
300.vlc-plugin-pulsePulseAudio plugin for VLC
301.vlc-plugin-sdlSDL video and audio output plugin for VLC
302.vlc-plugin-svgSVG plugin for VLC
303.vlc-plugin-zvbiVBI teletext plugin for VLC
304.vobsub2srtconvert .idx/.sub subtitles into .srt
305.wtoWebTv Orange standalone client.
306.x264video encoder for the H.264/MPEG-4 AVC standard
307.xbmcXBMC Media Center (full metapackage).
308.xbmc-addon-xvdrXVDR addon for XBMC.
309.xbmc-binXBMC Media Center (binary data package).
310.xbmc-dataXBMC Media Center (arch-independent data package).
311.xbmc-eventclients-commonXBMC Media Center (Event Client Common package).
312.xbmc-eventclients-devXBMC Media Center (Event Client Dev package).
313.xbmc-eventclients-j2meXBMC Media Center (Event Client J2ME package).
314.xbmc-eventclients-ps3XBMC Media Center (Event Client PS3 package).
315.xbmc-eventclients-wiiremoteXBMC Media Center (Event Client WII Remote support package).
316.xbmc-skin-confluenceXBMC Media Center (Confluence skin).
317.xbmc-skin-focusXBMC skin
318.xbmc-skin-rapierXBMC skin - Rapier.
319.xbmc-skin-xeeboBoxee style skin for XBMC.
320.xbmc-standaloneXBMC Media Center (standalone program).
321.xcutmp3Simple frontend for cutmp3.
322.xdvdshrinkcopies of DVD content on single-layer writable DVDs
323.xineliboutput-fbfeRemote Framebuffer frontend for vdr-plugin-xineliboutput
324.xineliboutput-sxfeRemote X-Server frontend for vdr-plugin-xineliboutput
325.xvattrUtility to change Xv attributes
326.xvid4confcreates XviD configuration files
327.xvidencShell script which makes it easy to encode DVDs to Xvid.
328.y4mscalerVideo scaler.
329.yasmmodular assembler with multiple syntaxes support