[RFP][wishlist] xbmc PVR option

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Author: Harald Gutmann
To: dmo-discussion
Subject: [RFP][wishlist] xbmc PVR option
Dear all,

as the upcoming XBMC version (Frodo 12.0) will have PVR support, it would be
very nice to see it enabled in the debian-multimedia packages. This will be
one of the main changes in the upcoming release.

The previous xbmc-pvr branch on git-hub was recently merged into the mainline
(I think it was around mid-September). Up til now the PVR-addons are still
maintained in at a separate repository.

The mainline repository:

The PVR addons repository:

I would really love to see an PVR enabled xbmc version and a xbmc-pvr-addon
package in deb-multimedia.

Many thanks in advance.

Kind regards,
Harald Gutmann