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Author: Lennart Sorensen
To: dmo-discussion
Subject: Re: How to remove deb-multimedia-keyring package from apt-get autoremove list.
On Sat, Oct 27, 2012 at 02:31:54PM +0200, Christian Marillat wrote:
> This apt-get command line option is deprecated :
> ,----
> | $ apt-get unmarkauto deb-multimedia-keyring
> | Reading package lists... Done
> | Building dependency tree       
> | Reading state information... Done
> | deb-multimedia-keyring set to manually installed.
> | N: This command is deprecated. Please use 'apt-mark auto' and 'apt-mark manual' instead.
> `----

Odd, I got the impression that apt-mark was the deprecated one.
It annoyingly need python-apt, while markauto and unmarkauto just work.
That's hardly an improvement.

Len Sorensen