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Author: Christian Marillat
To: dmo-discussion
Subject: Re: mythtranscode
Harry Coin <harrycoin@???> writes:


> Mythbackend needs to force mythtranscode and the lib... necessary for
> mythcommflag to work.

Fixed in 0.26.0+fixes20130120-dmo1

> I still think there needs to be 'mythtv-backend-master' and
> mythtv-backend-slave', 'mythtv-frontend' and
> mythtv'=='mythtv-frontend+mythtv-backend-master'. There is no use in
> forcing mysql and mythtv-database on slave backends. All it does is
> soak up memory and open ports for mysqld for no reason. If you want
> to leave a dummy mythtv-backend that points to mythtv-backend-master
> as a transitional package ok.

A mysql server isn't mandatory for both the frontend and the backend.

> Also in the category of wish list, mythtranscode all by itself should
> be everything necessary to do commercial flagging and transcoding jobs
> without either the frontend or backend activity.

You can't the backend is mandatory.