mythbackend not starting

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Author: Frank Hartmann
To: dmo-discussion
Subject: mythbackend not starting

I have the problem that mythbackend does not start after power up.
This happened occasionally in the past, but recently, possibly after an
upgrade, it happens quite often.

In this situation I have than the message in mythweb 'Unable to connect
to the master backend at x.x.x.x:6543 Is it running?"

There are no logs of the failed start attempt. After a

/etc/init.d/mythbackend restart

Everything is back to normal.

Has this happened to anyone else? Any hints where to look?

I am runnig now:

ii  mythlogserver                          0.26.0+fixes20130130-dmo1          amd64        
ii  mythtv-backend                         0.26.0+fixes20130130-dmo1          amd64        
ii  mythtv-common                          0.26.0+fixes20130130-dmo1          all          
ii  mythtv-database                        0.26.0+fixes20130130-dmo1          all          
ii  mythtv-doc                             0.26.0+fixes20130130-dmo1          all          
ii  mythtv-frontend                        0.26.0+fixes20130130-dmo1          amd64        
ii  mythtv-transcode                       0.26.0+fixes20130130-dmo1          amd64        
ii  mythweb                                0.26.0+fixes20130201-dmo1          all

kind regards