Re: New snapshot from mythtv 29 fixes/branch

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Author: Christian Marillat
To: dmo-discussion
Subject: Re: New snapshot from mythtv 29 fixes/branch
On 06 sept. 2017 17:21, Ian Campbell <ijc@???> wrote:

>> > Do know if new releases will be done by upstream ?
>> I'm afraid I have no info one way or another.
>> I just (coincidentally) started lurking on the IRC channels this
>> morning and have now asked the question. It's been pretty quiet on
>> there today though...
>From IRC: The v29.1 release is planned to be in time for Ubuntu 18.04,
> so not in time for the tvdb API change.

Thanks for the beedback. Then I'll package mythtv:fixes/0.28 and
mythweb:fixes/29 near the september 23