Re: kodi 19.1 and ffmpeg 4.4 is not yet supported

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Author: Christian Marillat
To: dmo-discussion
Subject: Re: kodi 19.1 and ffmpeg 4.4 is not yet supported
On 19 juil. 2021 08:15, Thorsten Rehm <thorsten.rehm@???> wrote:

> Hi,


> sorry for the late reply, I didn't have the time over the weekend ;-)
> I've just installed the kodi dmo3 packages from unstable and the E-AC3
> transcoding works again.

Good new.

> Thank you very much for the effort so far.

You're welcome.

> As the changelog reads, you've included ffmpeg 4.3.2. At the moment I
> have installed the before mentioned kodi packages and additionally the
> ffmpeg 4.3.2 packages are still installed from my workaround. For a
> final test it would be better, if I'm going to remove these ffmpeg
> packages to be 100% sure there are no further dependencies.
> Which packages are no longer needed?

Neither, because others package depends on them.

The best is to upgrade to ffmpeg 4.4 and don't use 4.3.2 packages