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Author: Simon Kranz
To: dmo-discussion
Subject: Re: mythtv compile options?
On Sun, 25 Sept 2022 at 02:23, Christian Marillat
<marillat@???> wrote:
> On 24 sept. 2022 21:27, Simon Kranz <smkranz0506@???> wrote:
> > Hello all,
> Hello,
> >
> [...]
> > As per the forum post above, I was wanting to try to download the
> > source from dmo and compile my own as per the suggestion. However i
> > am a bit of newbie with compiling and have not been able to find out
> > how to apply the -DIGNORE_SCHEMA_VER_MISMATCH compiler option?
> > Which file in the debian folder of the source from dmo would i need to
> > make this change? I cannot find any mention of it in the configure
> > file?
> Try to add "--extra-cxxflags=-DIGNORE_SCHEMA_VER_MISMATCH=1" to
> override_dh_auto_configure: options.
> Christian

Thanks! I added the line to the section in the rules file and built
the package using debuild command like the Debian Wiki
I installed the new packages and I successfully used v31 frontend with
v32 backend.