package request: latest mpv version

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Author: Mr. T
To: dmo-discussion
Subject: package request: latest mpv version
hi folks,

somewhere last year i installed mpv on windows, even if launching it
from the cmd is a pain i got found of it, but i also seen that its got
features i dont have on debian, like the ability to move subtitles
further down then position 100 (i like 104 for example after scaling it
down which the latest version also has a predefind keykombination)

But it is now the case that i have partly a better experience on windoof
(stupid windows) then under linux cause debians stable version is quite
outdated, there is no backports and i am not ready to update my whole
system to testing now after i got everything working probably...

so i would be glad if you could put the latest mpv version to your
repository for debian stable (11)

thanks a lot in advance