Re: No OpenGL in MythTV?

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Author: Christian Marillat
To: dmo-discussion
Subject: Re: No OpenGL in MythTV?
Kevin Ross <kevin@???> writes:

> Hello,



> I might be doing something wrong, but it would appear that MythTV was
> built without OpenGL support. There's no OpenGL listed in the theme
> painter options (only Auto and Qt), and I can't create any playback
> profiles with OpenGL either. Assuming I'm not doing something wrong,
> was this intentional? Or an oversight?

For me OpenGL is enabled (here is te configure output) :

| # Video Output Support
| x11 support               yes
| xrandr support            yes
| xv support                yes
| VDPAU support             yes
| VAAPI support             yes
| CrystalHD support         yes
| OpenGL video              yes
| MHEG support              yes
| libass subtitle support   yes