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Author: Brad Rogers
To: Debian Multimedia ML
Subject: Phonon backend
Hello All,

On the 17th, an upgrade of my Debian testing system resulted in
complaints from KDE (v4) that the Phonon backend failed to start, meaning
audible notifications don't happen, I just get a dialog box telling me
to report to distributor.

Packages upgraded were;

libvlc5 (1:2.1.5-dmo1) to 1:2.2.0~pre3-dmo1
libvlccore7 (1:2.1.5-dmo1) to 1:2.1.5-dmo2
vlc (1:2.1.5-dmo1) to 1:2.2.0~pre3-dmo1
vlc-data (1:2.1.5-dmo1) to 1:2.2.0~pre3-dmo1
vlc-nox (1:2.1.5-dmo1) to 1:2.2.0~pre3-dmo1
vlc-plugin-pulse (1:2.1.5-dmo1) to 1:2.2.0~pre3-dmo1

also, installed was;

libvlccore8 (1:2.2.0~pre3-dmo1)

In the mean time, I've installed the gstreamer backend which is
working. I'd rather use vlc, so am wondering if there's anything I can
do to sort things out?

 Regards  _
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