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Author: Brad Rogers
To: dmo-discussion
Subject: Re: Phonon backend
On Sat, 20 Sep 2014 16:40:29 +0200
Christian Marillat <marillat@???> wrote:

Hello Christian,

Thanks for your help, Christian. It's much appreciated.

>Your machine is completely up to date ? (Should be after and apt-get
>update and apt-get dist-upgrade).

I update (almost) daily so yes, it's up to date.

>Otherwise, maybe a package in unstable isn't yet in testing.
>Could you switch to unstable to do an apt-get update and an apt-get
>dist-upgrade and see if this problem is still here ?

I changed to unstable and updated the vlc packages(1)(which pulled in
various libraries, etc.) This has cured the phonon back end issue, but
the lack of video in vlc remains as before; I have to play something
other than "DVD Menu" to get video going. I'm guessing that part of the
problem may be more than just needing a library from unstable.

What changed;

Upgraded the following packages:
phonon-backend-vlc (1:0.7.2-dmo1) to 1:0.8.0-dmo2
libvlc5 (1:2.2.0~pre3-dmo1) to 1:2.2.0~pre3-dmo2
libvlccore8 (1:2.2.0~pre3-dmo1) to 1:2.2.0~pre3-dmo2
vlc-plugin-pulse (1:2.2.0~pre3-dmo1) to 1:2.2.0~pre3-dmo2
vlc-data (1:2.2.0~pre3-dmo1) to 1:2.2.0~pre3-dmo2
libavcodec56 (6:11-1) to 10:2.4-dmo1
libavformat56 (6:11-1) to 10:2.4-dmo1
libavutil54 (6:11-1) to 10:2.4-dmo1
libswscale3 (6:11-1) to 10:2.4-dmo1
vlc (1:2.2.0~pre3-dmo1) to 1:2.2.0~pre3-dmo2
vlc-nox (1:2.2.0~pre3-dmo1) to 1:2.2.0~pre3-dmo2

Installed the following packages:
libpostproc53 (10:2.4-dmo1)
libswresample1 (10:2.4-dmo1)

Finally, thanks again for your help.

(1) I've prefer to use 'testing' so kept changes to a minimum.

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