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Author: Christian Marillat
To: dmo-discussion
Subject: Re: stable backports mythtv
On 27 oct. 2014 01:21, "Lennart Sorensen" <lsorense@???> wrote:

> On Sat, Oct 25, 2014 at 05:40:14PM +0200, Christian Marillat wrote:
>> For now I don't know. Jessie should be released "soon". If I do
>> stable-bacports packages I need to also build unstable packages,
>> otherwise you can't install -dmo1 packages over -dmo1+wheezy+bp1. For
>> slow arches like mips or mipsel this means at least 2/3 full days of
>> compilation...
> So "soon" as in sometime next spring I imagine?


> We need to find some faster mips machines.

For now I use qemu machines 3 for mips and 3 for mipsel. Packages are
compiled with distcc/ccache. CPU is an I7 2600K.

I don't know if real hardware is more fast.