migration issue with kodi-standalone

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Author: Dominique Dumont
To: dmo-discussion
Subject: migration issue with kodi-standalone

Once I've upgraded xbmc-standalone_4%3a13.2-dmo7 to kodi-standalone_5:14.0-
dmo1, the auto login does not work. .xsession-errors contains this message:

Xsession: X session started for domi at mercredi 31 décembre 2014, 18:00:08
Xsession: unable to launch "" X session --- "" not found; falling back to
default session.

Long story short, kdm is unable to start the session because
usr/share/xsessions/XBMC.desktop is no longer available in kodi-standalone.

kodi-standalone contains a lowercase version of this file:

Workaround is to run:

cd /usr/share/xsessions/
sudo ln -s kodi.desktop XBMC.desktop

Once this link is created, kodi starts without problem when kdm is restarted.

I think kodi-standalone should contain this link to avoid migration issue.

All the best