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Author: Josu Lazkano
To: dmo-discussion@deb-multimed...
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Subject: Re: Start mythbackend in Jessie
Hello again,

I am moving my mythtv frontends and backends to Jessie.

I have same problem as weeks ago, I can not stop the service this way:

# /etc/init.d/mythtv-backend stop
[ ok ] Stopping mythtv-backend (via systemctl): mythtv-backend.service.

# service mythtv-backend stop

# ps -e | grep myth
 1544 ?        00:00:00 mythbackend
 1564 ?        00:00:07 mythlogserver

The only way to stop the service is killing the process with "kill -9".

I am new in Jessie, maybe I am doing something wrong.


Josu Lazkano