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Author: Intense Red
To: dmo-discussion
Subject: Acroread status
I use the deb-multimedia archive for a few items not packaged in Debian.
Originally this was for some DVD software that Debian didn't package due to
copyright issues.

Since that time I've come to use deb-multimedia for some other packages,
including that disgusting Adobe Acroread tool. A few PDFs I had to use
*required* Acroread so when I ran into such an odd one, I'd install Acroread.
Acroread had this annoying "bug" where it'd conflict with some packages so I'd
uninstall it after using it to access a PDF. IMO that bug was not a bug, it
was a feature because I actually didn't want that software on my computer.

I heard there was some controversy about acroread but frankly, I didn't pay
attention to it.

I've since run across a PDF that will need acroread but noticed it's no
longer in the archive. Can someone clue me in on what its status is? TIA.

"With software there are only two possibilities: either the users control the
program or the program controls the users. If the program controls the users,
and the developer controls the program, then the program is an instrument of
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