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Author: Christian Weeks
To: dmo-discussion
Subject: Re: OBS 25 and the new browser plugin source
On Thu, 2020-03-19 at 11:10 +0100, Christian Marillat wrote:
> On 18 mars 2020 21:32, Christian Weeks <
> cpw@???
> > wrote:
> > Hi,
> Hi,
> [...]
> > [...]
> First : It's ugly.
> Secondly : The source code for the broser is not included in
> obs-studio. Why ?
> The code is maintained in another git :
> Christian

The code is in a git submodule of OBS - that's how it's intending to be
distributed for "build it yourself" setups. It ties a specific git hash to the
rest of OBS, allowing for reproducible builds of the whole, whilst allowing
features to be built in the separated tree ahead of the curve.

I have investigated building obs-browser separately, as you seem to be
advocating, however it's practically impossible to do so without building the
rest of OBS studio at the same time - at least that is what I have been advised
by the OBS development team on their discord.

It seems that libobs-dev is missing a bunch of CMake helper scripts that are
required to build UI plugins in practice, as well as probably further build-
chain functions that are just not possible outside the whole (there's a whole
cmake subdirectory in obs-studio full of various cmake helper functions, many of
which seem to be relied on at build time of both the main and plugin code). As
such, I think your proposal is not amenable to the reality of how the OBS
codebase is setup.

As an aside, many functions in the main OBS program (browser panels, twitch
integration, chat integration) will become enabled as they mature, but only if
the browser plugin is present. So your "separated build" seems likely to lose
functionality as new releases come forward which depend on the browser plugin.

Anyway, I understand your position and I guess this is what it is.

Many thanks for your help over the years.