MythTV 31 - versioning causing frontend lock-ups

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Author: Christopher Martin
To: dmo-discussion
Subject: MythTV 31 - versioning causing frontend lock-ups

I installed the new mythtv-dmo 31.0-dmo2 packages on testing/bullseye,
and ran into a problem where mythfrontend would often freeze shortly
after starting because the theme updater was going berserk, seeking to
update the mythfrontend themes repeatedly.

It turns out ( provided a
hint) the problem is related to the formatting of the version strings
embedded in mythfrontend. For some reason, certain formats cause the
theme updater to run repeatedly.

In the mythtv-dmo package, the EXPORTED_VERSION file is as follows:

BRANCH=" (tag: v31.0, fixes/31)"

The resulting version strings in mythfrontend (output of mythfrontend
--version) are:

MythTV Version : v31.0-9579662cdcb
MythTV Branch : fixes/31

For whatever reason, as noted above, this breaks mythfrontend. But if
I replace EXPORTED_VERSION with upstream's version:


...and rebuild the packages, then the output of mythfrontend --version is:

MythTV Version : v31.0
MythTV Branch :

And, strangely, this fixes mythfrontend. No more theme updater going haywire.

Obviously there's an upstream bug here, but for now the simplest fix
would be to fall back to upstream's EXPORTED_VERSION. If there's a
downside, I don't see it, and I would note that earlier mythtv-dmo
packages used the upstream EXPORTED_VERSION.

Thanks very much for your work packaging mythtv.