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Author: Frederic Colau
To: dmo-discussion
Subject: scale_npp

I'm trying to install an encoding server for my video website.
Previously I used a ffmpeg version I compiled myself but I had issues
with videos submited to my website that the ffmpeg I compiled wasn't
unable to decode (and then to encode) like zoom's recording.

Someone told me to use your ffmpeg version, so I reinstalled my server
on debian 11, installed nvidia drivers, cuda toolkit and libencode and
then your ffmpeg package.
I was previously using the filter scale_npp and it's not in your
version, I'm pretty ignorant in all the options I need to use or not use
in ffmpeg but I thought it was an important one ?

Thanks in advance

Best regards,

PS : sorry for my bad english...

Frédéric Colau
04 56 52 90 49