mythtv v34 installation if user 'mythtv' is already created?

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Author: James Abernathy
To: dmo-discussion
Subject: mythtv v34 installation if user 'mythtv' is already created?
I'm one of those users that creates the 'mythtv' user before
installing mythtv from the DMO stable /bookworm-backport. I use GID
and UID = 200 so my external drives with recordings and videos keep
the right permissions.

When I do this the web app setup fails to connect to the mythconverg
database because it's using a password of 'mythtv' instead of the one
that the installation process created and stored in

This seems to be caused by the fact that the installation added a line
in the mythtv-backend.service within systemd that reads:


I can fix my problem by changing that to:


IMHO, the installation should check for the existence of the user
'mythtv' and use its $HOME as the right value to put in the systemd
service file.

Jim A