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Author: Ross Boylan
To: dmo-discussion
CC: ross
Subject: Re: mythtv backup on upgrade
On Sat, 2012-08-11 at 20:11 +0200, Christian Marillat wrote:
> Ross Boylan <ross@???> writes:
> > Should the myth, as packaged, make a backup of my database before
> > upgrading? On the myth list someone said myth does, but I can't see one
> > anywhere (from 0.24.2 to 0.25).
> Nothing. This feature should be managed by mythtv.

I think this means the deb packaging/install scripts do nothing, but the
upstream code that makes a backup should be intact. Is that right?
Notice my question was about myth as packaged, not just the packaging
for myth.

> > A lot went wrong with the upgrade, including an initial failure to
> > connect to the database (I believe by the deb install scripts) and then
> > an inability to upgrade the database schema.
> Packages doesn't modify any schema database. All database schema are
> managed by mythtv.

Again, I assume this means the packaging scripts down't modify the
schema, since the program itself does.

I think my current problems are mostly a result of running out of space
and the upstream code, with the only packaging element being that I was
able to avoid reinstalling the mythvideo package because it's separate.

Here's what I think happened:
1) install 0.24.2, including the mythvideo package, and run out of room
on disk in the middle of mythvideo running DoVideoDatabseSchemaUpgrade()
code in dbcheck.cpp of mythvideo.
2) remove packages and expand disk.
3) Reinstall 0.24.2 packages, NOT including mythvideo.
4) run this for awhile.
5) Upgrade to 0.25, with various problems. In particular it detects
that mythvideo.DBSchemaVer is at 1011, while the minimum acceptable for
upgrade is 1016.

I think I'm going to try reinstalling the 0.24.2 packages, including
mythvideo, and run them in hopes of moving the mythvideo schema into the
present. Then I'll try the upgrade again.