myth upgrade problems partly solved (informational)

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Author: Ross Boylan
To: multimedia
CC: ross
Subject: myth upgrade problems partly solved (informational)
As previous emails reported, my myth got in a bad state on the upgrade
from 0.24.2 to 0.25: the backend complained I had an old
mythvideo.DBSchemaVer and refused to run. My best theory is that this
was a result of 2 idiosyncratic problems during the original 0.24.2
install: the system ran out of disk space, and I installed the mythvideo
plugin during an early attempt but not after the disk full error.

For the record, I seem to have fixed the problem by
1) Removed, but did not purge, all myth 0.25 packages.
2) /etc/apt/sources.list point dmo to squeeze (was testing).
3) Install myth (now 0.24.2), including mythvideo.
4) The backend shut down when it discovered DBSchemaVer was in the
future(1266). So I connected to mythconverg in mysql and did
update settings set data=1264 where value='DBSchemaVer';
5) Restarted backend. This worked, but did not upgrade the mythvideo
stuff. After a false start of running mythtv-setup, I started the
frontend. This asked for permission to upgrade mythvideo stuff, which I
6) mythbacked will now start.

Still some problems, to be described separately.