Re: mozilla-acroread on amd64

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Author: Christian Marillat
To: dmo-discussion
Subject: Re: mozilla-acroread on amd64
Johannes Rohr <jorohr@???> writes:

> Hi,


> if I recall correctly, mozilla-acroread on amd64 used to depend on
> nspluginwrapper before you migrated it to multiarch, and without
> nspluginwrapper it cannot be used. Of course, manually installing
> nspluginwrapper and running the install command for the acroread
> plugin is not a big deal, however, for non-technical users it
> certainly is a real obstacle. Can't you have a depends on
> nspluginwrapper for amd64 only and run the install command in postinst
> on amd64?

Packages for amd64 are native 64 bits binaries and thus nspluginwrapper
isn't needed.