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Author: Josu Lazkano
To: dmo-discussion
New-Topics: Re: Change mythtv build options
Subject: Re: Change mythtv build options
2012/8/22 Christian Marillat <marillat@???>:
> Yes. Ad a deb-src line in your sources.list like :
> deb-src wheezy main
> then
> apt-get update
> apt-get source mythtv
> Now you have a mythtv-0.25.2 directory with the source code.
> Go to mythtv-0.25.2/debian and edit the rules file and add your options
> in the ./configure call.
> and then 'dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc' in the mythtv-0.25.2 directory.
> Otherwise linux header are already in Debian in the linux-libc-dev
> package. Current version is 3.2.23-1.
> Christian

Thanks Christian, without add any option it works for me, but some
people recommend me to add this option, so I want to try it.
I will try it.

Thanks and best regards.

Josu Lazkano