Re: mozilla-acroread on amd64

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Author: Andres Cimmarusti
To: Lennart Sorensen
CC: John Paul Adrian Glaubitz,
Subject: Re: mozilla-acroread on amd64
>> Honestly, just use a different PDF plugin. Acrobat Reader on Linux is dead, more or less, anyway.
> Perhaps but is is by far the most usable pdf viewer on linux too.
> I would love suggestions for something else that does a good job
> (certainly evince does not).

What problems do you have with evince? I find it reliable. When
browsing on iceweasel, I normally set it so when I click on a PDF link
it downloads it quickly and opens it up with evince. I've found this
to be the best and fastest alternative (the mozilla acroread plugin
tends to be slow....).