Re: mozilla-acroread on amd64

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Author: Lennart Sorensen
To: Andres Cimmarusti
CC: John Paul Adrian Glaubitz,
Subject: Re: mozilla-acroread on amd64
On Fri, Aug 24, 2012 at 12:04:05PM -0400, Andres Cimmarusti wrote:
> What problems do you have with evince? I find it reliable. When
> browsing on iceweasel, I normally set it so when I click on a PDF link
> it downloads it quickly and opens it up with evince. I've found this
> to be the best and fastest alternative (the mozilla acroread plugin
> tends to be slow....).

I find it often doesn't render things properly, often can't print at all,
and has a lousy interface for zooming and panning.

Len Sorensen