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Author: shirish शिरीष
To: Lennart Sorensen
CC: Andres Cimmarusti, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz,
Subject: Re: mozilla-acroread on amd64
at bottom :-

On Fri, Aug 24, 2012 at 9:53 PM, Lennart Sorensen
<lsorense@???> wrote:
> I find it often doesn't render things properly, often can't print at all,
> and has a lousy interface for zooming and panning.

I haven't have done any printing so can't comment on that (as a user)
but for zooming and panning it works great. Although I use the arrow
keys and CTRL++ and CTRL-- for zooming and panning (keyboard user)

I have seen in some pdf's it doesn't render properly (nor give any
indication as to what's wrong.) or just doesn't open but that's been
becoming rarer by the day. Just my 2 paise.
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