Request for libdvdcss2 1.2.12 in squeeze-backports

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Author: Ben Armstrong
To: dmo-discussion
Subject: Request for libdvdcss2 1.2.12 in squeeze-backports
On #debian we recently helped out a Squeeze user who, in spite of living
in Italy and using a DVD drive in a laptop purchased in Italy, when he
used 'setregion' to examine the drive, found that his drive is locked to
region 1. Now, he might have used setregion to change the drive to
region 2, but since libdvdcss2 is supposed to not care about regions, we
wanted to upgrade him to 1.2.12 first, as 1.2.10 wasn't working for him
to play region 2 discs on his region 1 drive.

While DMO carries 1.2.12 for wheezy/sid, due to the dependency on
multiarch, that will not work on squeeze.

Fortunately, a second user had hand-rolled their own libdvdcss2 1.2.12
package which he shared with the first user, who happily reported that
it solved his problem, i.e. without using setregion to change the region
on the drive, he could successfully view his region 2 discs with vlc.
But this is far from ideal and won't help the next user with this problem.

Therefore, would you kindly backport libdvdcss2 1.2.12 and place it in

Ben Armstrong
on behalf of rest of the helpers at #debian @