[melt] Random video freeze

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Author: Stanislav Nepochatov
To: dmo-discussion
Subject: [melt] Random video freeze
Hi to all.

Recently I've got AVCHD camera and video editing became very important
for me. Usally I use kdenlive. First video samples were great. But a
few days ago I've recorded new videos and tryed to edit them. Result
movie freezes sometimes, it is not player bug or lack of PC power - in
AVIDemux I saw freezed frames (3-5 frames). Ussally those 'freezes'
shows up when new scene appears.

I've tried to perform simular editing with OpenShot and get simular
problem - white frames between scenes.

If there is anyone else with such problems? I'm using Debian Wheezy x64
with lastest MLT libs from dmo.

Best regards,
Stanislav Nepochatov