sound for flash?

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Author: Ross Boylan
CC: ross
Subject: sound for flash?
Any suggestions to get sound out of flash? I'm running testing with
flash 11.2 r202, iceweasel 10.0.10. The sound needs to go out HDMI.
mythfrontend is working fine, though I had to reset from it's initial
output to get it to work.

I don't see anywhere in flash or iceweasel to set output
devices. /etc/asound.conf to the right device:
pcm.!default {
type hw
card 0
device 7
ctl.!default {
type hw
card 0
device 7

I'm running a minimal desktop (Xfce4), and I have tried to avoid
installing higher level sound packages.

Someone on net says "pulseaudio is the easiest way to get flash
working." But I've also seen lots of complaints about PA screwing up.

I'm mostly interested for hulu. Is there some kind of html 5 option?