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Author: Werner Mahr
To: dmo-discussion
Subject: Re: MythTV 29 uploaded
Am Dienstag, 15. August 2017, 10:14:38 CEST schrieb Christian Marillat:

> Then mythbackend is broken.

Maybe it is, but what is the setup doing in an other way?

> If you still have log files or errors output could you file a bug report
> upstream ? I don't remember if subscription is mandatory to file a bug
> report.

Unfortunately I started it from a plain console to check this. Subscription is
mandatory, but I already have an account for some years.

> Before MythTV 0.11 database was upgraded from a .sql file, now all is
> hard-coded, really ugly.

I know, but as the schema canges started to move data around, things went more
complicated. I didn't check all the logiks so far, but I'm sure (at least in
some versions) it would make heavy use of temporary tables, which wouldn't be
easily readable, too.

> 29 packages are now in stable-backports

I saw that already, and I'm going to use them as a fallback, but I wanted to
start teaching myth to handle my satip-router (or that stuff in general), so
I've built them already. But when I fuck something up, they are really handy.

Maybe I dig deeper into the db-problems when I'm done with that stuff.

MfG. usw.

Werner Mahr