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Author: James Abernathy
To: dmo-discussion
Subject: Re: mythtv v34 installation if user 'mythtv' is already created?
On Fri, Mar 1, 2024 at 11:38 AM Christian Marillat
<marillat@???> wrote:
> On 01 mars 2024 09:03, James Abernathy <jfabernathy@???> wrote:
> [...]
> > This seems to be caused by the fact that the installation added a line
> > in the mythtv-backend.service within systemd that reads:
> >
> > Environment=HOME=/var/lib/mythtv
> >
> > I can fix my problem by changing that to:
> >
> > Environment=HOME=/home/mythtv
> And the backend still start if you remove the line above ?
> Christian

Sorry, I'm just getting used to the way this mail-list works on replies.

Yes the backend still starts fine.

As I've stated in other replies, I have no idea where they went. So
I'll try again.

If you do nothing to the mythtv-backend.service file the web app setup
page connects to the database. No issues but your mythtv user home is

If you do that then you can proceed with the setup and the user mythtv
will have its home at /var/lib/mythtv. The .mythtv and xmltv stuff
will all be there. The maintenance script will
work, etc. If you want to move your Storage groups away from
/var/mythtv if you use another disk drive, you just need to create all
of the Storage Group directories and set up the permissions correctly.

If you want to have your external storage from a previous install of
mythtv with a certain GID/UID most folks create their mythtv user
before using the same number for GID/UID that they used before. If I
remove the mythtv-backend.service Environment=HOME statement, setup
goes okay and the web app has no issues connecting to the database.
Same thing if you have Environment=HOME=/home/mythtv.

But needs config.xml in /var/lib/mythtv/.mythtv
regardless of where the mythtv user's official $HOME is.
You just have to copy the official config.xml to /var/lib/mythtv/.mythtv/

Jim A