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Author: James Abernathy
To: dmo-discussion
Subject: Re: mythtv v34 installation if user 'mythtv' is already created?
To clear up some things I decided to create a few different test
cases. My previous test had a restore database involved that could
have confused the results.

On a clean system (restored Timeshift snapshot after system setup but
prior to DMO repo added and mythtv installed) I started from scratch.

After the stable-backports repo was added I installed mythtv from the backport.
Next I changed the mythtv-backend.service to have
Environment=Home=/home/mythtv and rebooted.
I used the Web App setup and no issue with the database or anything else.
After testing the frontend with LiveTV, I shut it down and ran
/usr/share/doc/mythtv/examples/maintenance/ and it
worked without any issues. I didn't have to copy the config.xml

So I'm going to do the exact same install but with the Environment=
statement complete removed.

More later