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Author: Janusz S. Bien
To: dmo-discussion
Subject: MythTV frontend problem: MythTV database has newer TV schema (1317) then expected (1307)
On Debian testing I run mythtv-backend 0.27.3-dmo2 and connect
locally with no problem with the frontend, also 0.27.3-dmo2.

On the other hand on my netbook and on my wife's computer we run
Debian stable. I've installed there the frontend version
0.26.1+fixes20140227, but unfortunately I get the message quoted in
the subject when I try to connect to the backend. The message seems to
be misleading, I understand the TV schema has been changed quite long
ago, and the information googled out on the error message doesn't seem
relevant to my problem.

I hope it is not impossible to connect from Debian stable to the
backend running on testing.

I've followed the instruction on debugging mythfronyend problems at

MySQl has the bind-address set to the real IP, and the privileges has
been granted to the database.

I will appreciate your help. Should I try to install the frontend from
testing or there is a simpler and more elegant solutions?

Best regards


Prof. dr hab. Janusz S. Bień - Uniwersytet Warszawski (Katedra
Lingwistyki Formalnej)
Prof. Janusz S. Bień - University of Warsaw (Formal Linguistics Department)
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