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Author: Janusz S. Bien
To: dmo-discussion
Subject: Re: MythTV frontend problem: MythTV database has newer TV schema (1317) then expected (1307)
Quote/Cytat - Christian Marillat <marillat@???> (Thu 14 Aug 2014
01:16:38 PM CEST):

> "Janusz S. Bien" <jsbien@???> writes:
>> On Debian testing I run mythtv-backend 0.27.3-dmo2 and connect
>> locally with no problem with the frontend, also 0.27.3-dmo2.
>> On the other hand on my netbook and on my wife's computer we run
>> Debian stable. I've installed there the frontend version
>> 0.26.1+fixes20140227, but unfortunately I get the message quoted in
> You must install the same frontend version than the backend.
> 0.27 packages are in stable-bacports.

Thank you very much for your quick answer!

I've installed the packages from backport and everything seems to work.

Best regards


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