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Author: Dominique Dumont
To: dmo-discussion
Subject: Re: Problem with update.
Le samedi 20 juin 2015, 20:14:32 Γιώργος Κ a écrit :
> 1) About Nvidia cards and the related bugs:
> Ouch!
> Indeed I have a legacy nvidia onboard card (6.150) and the proprietary
> drivers installed.
> Seems like that this bug, affects me as well!

If you have an old nvidia card, you must install one of the legacy nvidia-
legacy package. See [1] for instance .

You must:
- make sure that your card is listed in the list of supported cards (as
mentined in the description of the nvidia-*-driver description)
- install all legacy packages (kernel driver, libgl, xorg module)

Hope this helps

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